Gig Day II

It’s been a crazy week in my personal world.  As such, the quality and length of my posts have been somewhat diminished.  Today will be no different.  The trenchant political and cultural commentary will recommence Monday.

Tonight, I’m playing a gig in Wilmington, North Carolina, my first true “road gig” as a solo musician.  Due to this past weekend’s flooding, the adapter for my straightforward keyboard, an easy-to-use Casio (I call her “Cassiopeia”) is no longer working.

Fortunately, a local musician friend of mine is a keyboard god, and hooked me up with his sweet Korg SV-1.  It’s a gorgeous instrument with a built in tube for truly retro-sounding tones.  I’ll likely set it on “Grand Piano” and just use the lamest presets available.

Regardless, because of my semi-homeless state, I haven’t been able to practice much, and the only playing I’ve done is a couple of open mics this week.  As such, it’s going to be a very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants event, but it should be fun.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you’re in Wilmington, stop by the Juggling Gypsy around 9 or 9:30.



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